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Enterprise Project Management

Exatex offers Project Management Consultancy services based on the best practices of the industry. We utilize Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solution for automation as well as facilitation of project management practices and procedures.

Our approach ensures that project management is made easier for our clients, allowing them to collaborate from anywhere in the world and that too at different levels, ranging from Project Team Members to Project Managers to Executives.

Implementing Project Portfolio Management (PPM) will allow our client organizations to:

  • Select the ideal mix of projects
  • Distribute allocated resources across the selected projects effectively
  • Assess projects and ensure they remain aligned with business goals

Your organization will benefit in a number of ways by deploying our EPM solution, including in the following ways:

  • Better project information & risk management
  • Cost savings
  • Performance gains
  • Better accountability
  • Efficient and transparent decision-making processes
  • Increased stakeholder confidence

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